Speaker Bio

Mike Morrison

Michigan State University
Mike Morrison is a graduate student in Organizational Psychology at Michigan State University. His research focuses on meaningful work and natural language processing (read: high-tech tools and fluffy topics). He is currently working on a project funded by NASA, where he uses a supercomputer to analyze the written diaries of crew members participating in science missions in Antarctica and Hawaii. He is also a science writer at CoeticHR, where he helps translate the best science from I-O psychology into affordable software tools and advice for small businesses. Prior to starting his graduate studies at Michigan State, he worked as Lab Coordinator for the Knowledge and Skill Lab at Georgia Tech. Mike also has an extensive background in web software development. He interned at one of Atlanta's top web development agencies (Definition 6), and later as lead developer of web software startup Soholaunch, he developed web applications used by over 200,000 people. Mike has published several conference papers on meaningful work, and is currently pursuing a Master’s thesis that combines his interests in natural language processing and work meaningfulness.