2017's Event

Our inaugural event at SIOP 2017 in Orland, FL

Shaken & Stirred speakers and team at SIOP 2017
Shaken & Stirred 2017 speakers and event team from left to right: Meghan Pickett, Ben Taylor, Mike Morrison, Alexis Fink, Steven Rogelberg, Amy Grubb, John Scott, Megan Nolan, Tom O'Neal, Katina Sawyer, Derek Avery, Jennifer Weiss, Kathryn Dekas, Aarti Shyamsunder, In-Sue Oh, Ben Hawkes, and Cristina Neacsiu. Not pictured: Mikki Hebl and Doug Reynolds. Photo courtesy of Barbara Ruland.

2017's Speakers

Shaken & Stirred
Founder and Host
Wake Forest University
Shell International
Rice University
Michigan State University
University of Akron
Temple University
University of Central Florida
Developmental Dimensions International
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Villanova University

2017's Event Team

Founder and Host
Project Support
Psymantics Consulting

Special Thanks

In addition to everyone above, 2017's inaugural event would not have been possible without support and generous help from:
• Zack Horn
• Daisy Chang
• Dave Nershi
• Madhura Chakrabarti
• Barbara Ruland
• Jose Cortina
• James Rebar
• Kevin Newsum
• Jeremy Dedic
• Stephen Steinhaus
• Mark Frame